We offer all of our clients a Training Partnership that can design an effective approach to the training policy of the whole organisation. Each training plan is highly customised, so that it meets the organisation’s needs and fits in with its HR policies and structure.

The Training Partnership can include our consultants, who can assess a client’s training policies and make recommendations.

As part of our Training Partnership, an increasing number of clients have asked for Training Needs Analyses. These clients find that a TNA is particularly useful in identifying the exact training needs of each employee, so that useful and cost-effective training can be organised.

A TNA starts with the client’s HR department and we work with the HR personnel to organise an in-depth assessment of each employee’s training needs. This can involve one or more elements – these can include on-line input from each member of staff identified by the HR Department, an interview with the employee and in some cases a discussion with the employee’s manager.

Our Training Partnership does not end with the TNAs. We plan effective training that meets the needs identified by the TNAs and we organise a series of post-training follow-up sessions with training delegates, their managers and the HR department, to ensure that the training lessons have been learned and are proving useful.